DM Real Estate in the community

For years, DM Real Estate has been more than just a successful Real Estate company in Calgary– we've been an active participant in fostering community spirit and supporting local initiatives. While we buy and sell in every quadrant within the city of Calgary and surrounding areas, we spend a lot of time within the vibrant neighborhoods of Calgary's Westside working, living and mostly playing as we have seamlessly integrated ourselves into the fabric of the community, leaving a trail of impact and goodwill.

One of the primary avenues through which DM Real Estate has demonstrated its commitment to community and more specifically,  the Westside community is through youth sports. With a passion for nurturing young talent and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we have been deeply involved in various sports leagues. Our involvement with Westhills United Soccer and West Hill Softball is particularly noteworthy. We have  supported these organisations in various ways including rolling up our sleeves, with our kids playing an active role as coaches, managers, and enthusiastic team members. Our contributions extend beyond the playing field, as evidenced by their generous donations to community events, such as gift baskets for club events and tournaments, including the West Hill Softball hits and spits tournament, where we have been a consistent supporter.  Moreover, DM Real Estate's dedication to community enrichment goes beyond Soccer and Softball. With 3 kids, our involvement has touched a variety of organisations including Calwest Little League and Calwest Basketball diversifying our community engagement. By actively participating in these organizations, we have provided invaluable support to our kids and  youth development programs, fostering camaraderie and skill-building among young athletes.  We've seen the net benefit of being involved in youth sports in the community and look forward to more years of  having fun and getting to know the greater Westside community.

In addition to sports, we have made significant contributions to other community endeavours. Our donation to St. Michael's School's CANstruction entry in 2023, showcased at Southcentre Mall, underscored our commitment to education and creativity. Furthermore, our participation in the Lilac Festival in 2022, where we showcased local businesses through gift basket giveaways, highlighted our efforts to promote local entrepreneurship and community collaboration.

As DM Real Estate continues to expand its footprint in Calgary's Westside, we remain committed to deepening our involvement in community initiatives. We actively seek out opportunities to contribute positively to the community, whether through sponsoring events, supporting local schools, or collaborating with other businesses. Our eagerness to be more involved reflects their genuine desire to make a difference and build a stronger, more cohesive community.

DM Real Estate's presence in Calgary's community culture through our unwavering commitment to youth sports, community events, and charitable endeavours, we have become an integral part of the fabric of our communities including Calgary's Westside where we live, work and play!  AS we continue to explore new avenues for engagement, rest assured that DM Real Estate will remain a steadfast ally in building a vibrant and thriving community for generations to come.

Next up: We're supporting  a book launch event for up and coming author Westside Calgary author, Cordelia Kelly,  who will be launching her newest book in early April.  See what we're doing and how we're doing it by following our social channels.  

--- Claire
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