Your Local YYC Gift Guide

Great local YYC places to find amazing gifts this Holiday Season!

Stumped for ideas for holiday gifts this year!  Let me help you help some awesome local entrepreneurs at the same time.  It’s my business to know what’s going on in the city in every community and I’ve come across some pretty awesome places in my YYC adventures.  I want to support local businesses this 2019 holiday season as best I can and I want to help others do the same.  I can guarantee that this list will help you cross off a few names be it your kids, parents, boss, coworkers, neighbours friends and family!
Let’s encourage our local individual and family owned and operated businesses that help contribute to the vibrant fabric of this awesome city.  While my advent Calendar only has a relatively short list, I hope it will spur you to go to your preferred local spots and get something that’s either made or nurtured with love.  Since most people like to get their shopping done sooner than later, I’m posting the full list here but I will unveil them daily on FB and IG.
Here it is:

  1. Injanation
  2. Crave cookies and cupcakes
  3. Amborella Floral
  4. Calaway Park
  5. Master Chocolat
  6. Outside the Shape
  7. Lake Bonavista Recreation Centre Kids market
  8. Tribes and Society
  9. The Livery
  10. Luna Blue
  11. Avenida Mall
  12. Babes in Arms
  13. Market Collective
  14. Kricket’s
  15. Local Laundry
  16. Liz and Lottie
  17. Kala and Lime
  18. Calgary Zoo
  19. Steeling Home
  20. Calgary Farmers Market
  21. Reid’s
  22. Purr
  23. Peasant Cheese shop
  24. Kensington Wine Market
This is just the beginning!  Please send me any other suggestions, I’d love to include them in the honourable mentions.
Happy shopping everyone!!!